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High G Rack Hub

High G Rack Hub


The High-G Rack Hub system is designed to provide a complete infrastructure solution for on-board vehicular testing, or when full autonomy from the testing infrastructure is required. The system consolidates and integrates the operation of a network of cameras and lighting in a single, highly compact, lightweight, configurable appliance.


  • Compact, All-in-one design
  • 100 G Impact rated
  • Embedded Timing Processor
  • Modular (Camera, LED, Battery and Server)
  • Software configurable
  • Gigabit network with IEEE 1588
  • 1.5KW wide input power bus
  • Integrated battery operation (optional)
  • Redundant triggering via on-board sensors


  • Small, space and weight saving footprint
  • Deployable in harsh environments
  • GPS, IRIG & 1 PPS time stamp & synchronization
  • Flexible HW configurations
  • Adapts to varying needs
  • Perfect fit in modern instrumentation networks
  • Flexible power for the most demanding configurations
  • Self power operation
  • Maximum reliability

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