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IDT's cameras reflect the pinnacle of high-speed imaging. A variety of digital and analog imaging sensors offer a wide spectrum of performance and support each camera series. The current product offering includes four camera series: M, NX, Os, and Y. M cameras are ultra compact and built for efficiency with no internal memory as they are linked to a computer. NX cameras are equally compact, but through efficiency of design are able to perform like many larger cameras. The unique NX platform is available with an array of configurable options, including internal memory, external led lighting, internal battery, GPS, and IRIG timing. Os cameras are the latest advancement in IDT engineering and provide the most flexibility in high-speed imaging products on the market. Y cameras are the most featured capable of recording at the fastest frame rates. The Y series design is complemented by a wide variety of accessories to deliver the optimal solution in a large number of applications.

Common to all designs is the pixel pipeline architecture to deliver optimal image quality at the camera output without the need of dark frame calibration, post-processing or rendering operations. Efficient image download and camera control is done either via USB-2, Gigabit-Ethernet or WIFI connections.